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Booklet Wire-binding

Wire-Binding of your A4 printed sheets, up to 200 A4 sheets. This is does not include printing.


    Please order wire-binding if you would like your A4 sheets to be bound in to booklets. These booklets can be up to a maximum of 200 A4 sheets, which will be bound on the long, or short edge. The bound books will be supplied with a clear plastic cover and a black card back cover.

    Please note that this binding DOES NOT include the price of printing. Please order your printed sheets HERE.

    Wire-bound booklets cost £2.50 per book of up to 100 pages and £3.50 per book up to 200 pages. Please select the quantity of books you require when ordering. If you require more than 10 wire-bound books, please contact us so that we can provide you with a quotation, which will be at a better rate for larger quantities.